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BBC Bitesize

The team at Scorch Motion were tasked with the ridiculously fun challenge of creating 30 original short animations for BBC Bitesize aimed at teaching kids between the ages of 7 -11 various principles in Maths and English.

I was lucky enough to work on the project from initial pitch right through to final delivery. I was heavily involved in designing the characters, drawing storyboards, preparing character artwork, creating rig controls for the animators and even animating some myself.

The final films feature the adventures of two characters:

 'Brain' - a curious brain hungry for knowledge and 'Jerry and Albert' - a human with an alien friend who has a lot to learn about life on earth!

These featured animations are the ones I created. Enjoy!


Commas in lists

Chronological Order


Jerry and Albert

Column Subtraction

Intro To Cm3

Column Addition

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